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Go ahead and gorge yourself on this triple whammy. Master director Bruce Cam's yearly outdoor feature brings leather legend Ray Dragon back to the screen, unforgettably paired with TitanMen's legend-in-the-making, Dred Scott. After a scene crammed with stunning, sweaty reversals, these monumental guys are joined by seven other rough-and-rugged TitanMen on the towering cliffs of the upper Grand Canyon -- a primitive, majestic setting that's the embodiment of TitanMen masculinity. In three hours of unusually ardent man-on-man action, the men drench the gritty wilderness with spit and piss, and work their cum onto sex-smeared bodies. A trio of backpackers, including popular star Carlos Morales and muscle stud Ben Jakks, wallow in nasty flip flop fucking. Dred gluts himself on hefty, salt-n-pepper haired daddy Jake Marshall. And in a fucking deluge, Ray pummels bucking charmer Matthew York. The Gorge DVD is stuffed with bonus extras, including two Behind the Scenes documentaries, with a Jake Marshall solo in the "Road Trip", plus additional sex scene "warm ups" and a watersports chapter. Gorge means satiation in the extreme.