STR8Hell – David Smetak – CFNM

David Smetak is our hot guy in CFNM Ninja Girls. The girls have him wrapped in black plastic, and shackled to a bed frame. Clearly they are going to have a great time using him. As David struggles to free himself there is a hole in the plastic, giving a flash of his cock and balls. As he stops struggling, giving up on it, the ninja girls arrive. They begin to feel over his body, verbally abusing him. Then David’s face is freed from its mask and the plastic is ripped from his chest. The girls scratch him and use their feet to dig into that chest, in high heels. Slapping on David’s chest the girls rip a larger hole at his groin and grab his cock, and slap his balls. That cock gets hard as David is slapped some more on his body. One girl works on his cock, biting it and wanking it as the other girl rubs her ass over David’s face. His cock is the sucked into a hot mouth. It is rock hard and the girl has a great time sucking it. Then the second girl takes a turn on that big cock, sucking it deep into her mouth. The girls are pulling at the cock and balls and the plastic. They make David piss over his body and wipe then they wipe the piss all over his. Next they move him, freed from the plastic, hanging him sideways from some ceiling roped, with his legs spread. He is fucked deep by the girls strapons, in his ass and mouth. Changing places the girl with the larger strap on really pounds David’s ass, as he moan the whole while. Moving him again, onto his knees and then onto his back David’s ass is fucked hard and deep. He is made to wank himself to a mighty climax as a final humiliation after all his punishment.

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