RaunchyBastards – Teen Goes Gay For Cash & Ride Home – Clay & Mac Dawson

I had met Mac once before, but never laid my hands on him. Although I offered him a lot of money (or what for him I though was a lot of money), he steadfastly refused to do anything gay. I let it rest, knowing that I had planted a seed in his brain. The next time he was hard-up, I figured I’d hear from him. Well, I heard from him a lot sooner that I thought I would! Not a week and a half later, I received a text from him early on a Sunday morning. He explained that he was stranded quite far from his official place of residence (with his mother and her boyfriend in a little hick town). Now, I’m all about a Sunday afternoon drive, but he was about four hours away from me, and needed a ride in almost the opposite direction. In addition to that, he said, he needed some money. He was down for “that other stuff” that I had mentioned to him not long ago.

Needless to say, I perked up at the thought of cracking this 18 year old’s rosebud, and so I told him that although it was a huge inconvenience, I guessed that I would get him and show him the ropes. Thankfully it was a nice day and the ride was splendid. When I arrived at the address he provided, I was surprised to see that it was in quite a nice neighborhood. I was expecting a kind of lower-rent area. However, the exact house I was in front of wasn’t as nice as the others. He popped out of the house and I made a beeline for the nearest cheap motel.

Everything began to make more sense when he explained that he had been partying with friends of friends, gotten everything he owned lost or stolen, and that the place he was staying was under order of eviction (“because the neighbors all complained’). “Well,” I though to myself, “who would want a crack house in their upper middle class locale?” I noted to him that he was lucky his cracked phone hadn’t been stolen, too, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to get ahold of me, and he said “Oh, if they knew it had service, it would have been gone, too.”

Once in the motel, I had him take a shower and then prepped him for what was about to go down. I let him smoke a cig to calm his nerves. I have to say that I was a bit nervous myself because this guy is like 5-4 and maybe a buck-ten. I was worried that my cock wouldn’t fit in, or that I’d hurt him before I got to the good part.

In fact, he opened up pretty easily, and his hole felt tight, but good. I loved it. Nothing better than getting some dome from a little waif on a Sunday afternoon and then getting my dick wet with some virgin teen hole. Another newbie broken into the gay4pay racket, too! After I took his v-card, I gave him a ride the rest of the way to his home, which was over 2 hours from the seedy motel. As he stepped out of the car I explained sternly that this was a one time favor and that he shouldn’t expect such last minute favors from me in the future. A smile didn’t cross my face until after I was pulling away from his trailer.

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