ButchDixon – Dan Johnson & Kieron

Our ‘almost’ straight favourite Dan is back and he’s still got a thing for the boys, so we threw hot, floppy haired cutie Kieron at him, like throwing raw meat into a lions cage. Kieron’s a keen and talented cock sucker (that is on matter our ‘straight-lad’ Dan enjoys. Nobody sucks a penis just like a guy! Kieron sucks that meat that is succulent to complete focus, bobbing around like a ship’s mast. Dan can’t wait bends hi down of fucking to the type and to fuck the bejezus out of the ladmasturbate Kieron likes, merciless, relentless. Dan pumps that juicy hole for all he is worth, ramming his steaming pork right up into the bollocks at Kieron’s hot, tight hole and also that little tyke is pushing back to get more, taking the tool like guy until Dan’s only ….about ….to … blow!

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