CzechHunter – 343

once I was partying profoundly yesterday evening I met with this definitely crazy dude. I understand exactly what you’r e believing. Why rsquo & didn;t I even fuck him , right? Guys, I’m maybe not some pervert. I needed to get a fun night out. Why I asked him to… Watch Video

CzechHunter – 342

I chose possibly the hardest period possible to go out searching for. It had been raining terribly but that I was too sexy. So I picked up the very first man I 13, I wanted a quickie. He had been a student and didn’t even look like fun. He had… Watch Video

CzechHunter – 341

One of our prior boys gave me a telephone and offered to bring his buddy. They wanted money badly and so were willing to do almost anything to get it. I didn’t think twice and consented. I could always call it off if the guy wasn’t good enough. His buddy… Watch Video

CzechHunter – 340

I had been walking around a shopping mall once I met a super cute blond boy. I pretended to be just a typical guy along with the guy bought that pretext. I noticed rsquo & he wasn;t camera shy. That is almost always a good sign. I went for the… Watch Video

CzechHunter – 339

I met three distinct boys today, all of these were great sports and showed me their cocks. Fortunately, the best looking one was willing to get more physical. Dan was a young graphic designer. He had been in a party the night before so he was a bit tired. He… Watch Video

CzechHunter – 338

When I fulfilled Jarda, he was standing at the road and eating kebab. I couldn’so I asked about his dumb kebab t think of any dialogue opener. I wanted to see the place where he purchased it and he consented to lead me there. He was an intriguing man obsessed… Watch Video

CzechHunter – 337

I was searching for boys in a subway station almost at the outskirts of Prague. This’so where I met a guy filled with surprises. He was booked at first but I was able to open up him. Suddenly he started to tell me. He actually awakened while speaking about threesomes… Watch Video

CzechHunter – 336

It was cold outside so I had been snooping around a subway station for another catch. It took me some time but then I seen a true cutie waiting in the platform. Regrettably, he saw me looking at him and he didn’t like it. I got a bit paranoid so… Watch Video

CzechHunter – 335

I was walking around Prague suburbs looking for a catch when I saw this young looking guy playing with a toy car. At first, I was interested in the car because it drove really fast in the snow. I started talking to the boy and found out that he was… Watch Video

CzechHunter – 334

It had been a truly shame. I got two unrelated calls out of my prior acquaintances. I am sure you remember a minumum of one of these very well. My partner Honza explained he had been one of the cutest guys he had. Ofcourse he had been mature today and… Watch Video

CzechHunter – 333

I wished to enjoy Christmas spirit, and so I went for a great evening walk. During the walk I moved with way of a bar called „Voodoo“. It piqued my interested so I wished to see what left the bar so voodoo. Well, it turned into a normal bar and… Watch Video

CzechHunter – 332

I met with Patrik on his own method to an library. He was a youthful college student who wanted to secure better at languages to get far in existence. He was ambitious and self indulgent, he only experienced a taught time finding a excellent job. A significant couple of job… Watch Video